Vascular surgery (Bombay blood group) successful done for women by govt Stanley hosptial

A 46 year old house wife from Kumbakonam, had a fall at her home and sustained injury to her left Knee. She was taken to a local hospital where she was diagnosed to have dislocation of her left knee for which she underwent reduction at Kumbakonam itself.
She however continued to have reduced sensation and pain in her leg, and on evaluation at local hospital, there was absence of blood flow to the left leg hence an arterial injury was suspected and patient referred to higher centre for further evaluation and management.
Patient presented to Emergency ward in Govt Stanley Hospital Chennai subsequently patient was taken over by Department of Vascular Surgery and on evaluation found to have no blood flow in left leg. Patient was also anemic with a Hb of 5.2g/dl, Before any intervention could be planned, patients physiological status had to be stabilized.
Hence patient needed blood transfusion. However on blood tests, it was detected that she had a rare blood group known as “Bombay group”. As the blood bank did not have stock of Bombay blood group at that moment, resources had to be mobilized. Other Medical colleges nearby also did not have stock. Hence appropriate donors were mobilized using Bombay blood group donor contacts from our Blood bank donor registry and we also tried to mobilize Bombay blood group donors through Radio mirchi FM and Mr.Srivastan who runs platelet donor club movement.
Ultimately four donors were identified, who agreed to donate for her cause.
The donors who had kindly agreed to donate were Mr. M. Jagadish from Thiruvanmiyur, Mr Arun Prasath from Kodambakkam, Mr. Udhayakumar R. from Old Washermanpet and Mr. V. Sudhakar from Poonamallee.
We ultimately managed to transfuse adequate units of Blood to the patient and after adequate stabilization took her up for surgery. The life of the patient was saved by the timely and prompt proactive effort of Govt Stanley Hospital Blood bank team headed by Prof.N.Rajakumar along with blood bank coordinator Dr.Lakshmana Moorthy and Department of Vascular Surgery headed by Prof. K.Elancheralathan.
Bombay blood group is an extremely rare blood type, which was first discovered in 1952 in the erstwhile Bombay, hence the name. The incidence of this blood group in the population is about 4 in 10 lakh people (0.004% of Population). These people can receive blood only from another Bombay blood group donor. This makes such an emergency situations very tricky as we had faced with our patient.
It is common practice for major blood banks in every city and town to have a register of the available Bombay blood group donors in that locality, and often in such situations these donors can be contacted on short notice.
It was because of the effort of a lot of individuals especially donors in this circumstance and the Blood Bank in Stanley Medical College Hospital was instrumental in procuring blood units at the appropriate time and aid Department of Vascular Surgery operate and save patients life.
Awareness regarding rare Bombay Blood Group is very much essential among Medical Professional and General Public. Department of transfusion medicine insist that all the clinical labs to use anti H sera for all O group people to rule out Bombay group. General public who are found to be O positive to check for Bombay group for better donor registry.

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